Thursday, May 05, 2005

TDD Design Starter Kit - Ideas for Upcoming Posts

My loose plan for more posts in the 'TDD Design Starter Kit' is something like this:

  1. State vs. Interaction Testing
  2. Mocks & Stubs (probably put an example of NMock up - the docs aren't too great)
  3. Inversion of Control & Dependency Injection ( I've written and use a DI tool on sourceforge called StructureMap, so expect more than you ever want to know about DI usage, w/ or w/o a "container")
  4. Statics and Singletons Can (sometimes) be Harmful to Your Health
  5. Humble Dialog Box (Model-View-Presenter, I dislike Martin's name for this. It's just a variant of MVC)
  6. Favor Composition over Inheritance
  7. Isolate Hard-to-Test Dependencies
  8. Know When to Punt!
  9. Bare Bones NAnt/CruiseControl.NET

I'm intending this set of posts to be kind of an open forum for my new development team. I'd be plenty happy to take any suggestions on other topics.


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