Monday, July 11, 2005

Harris Boyce warns us that O/R isn't a silver bullet

Harris Boyce wrote a response to my ADO.NET contagion post: "Soul Vaccination" for Data Access Layers.

I think that Harris is quite right in warning us about overusing Object/Relational mapping.

While there are still plenty of scenarios where I would forgo an O/R approach for the classic data access layer, I still think that the "Persistence Ignorant" (POCO/PONO/POO whatever) approach for business classes is the way to go for the sake of testability. I think the decision hinges primarily on the amount of business logic in your application (and secondarily on the comfort level of the developers with OO coding in general). Even if I'm not using an O/R tool, I usually use some type of Inversion of Control to keep the rest of the code loosely-coupled from the data access.

Before diving into O/R mapping, you might take a look at these resources. Understanding some of the underlying patterns and mechanisms of O/R mapping might help alleviate some of the pain or help in making design decisions.

  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler has a couple of good chapters about O/R patterns. The chapter on organizing business logic is a canonical read for deciding whether or not to use a Domain Model approach that would lead to using O/R for persistence.
  • Applying UML and Patterns by Craig Larman has a great chapter on creating a small persistence framework. This book is my choice as the best introduction to OO programming around.
  • This article from Scott Ambler introduces the basics of O/R
  • My article on C# Today from a couple years ago, but it's derivative of the guys above.


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