Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Impressions from the VSTS talk last night

I went to a talk on Visual Studio Team System last night given by Chris Menegay at the Austin DotNet Group. I tried to go into this with an open mind, but my bias is clearly with open source tools and agile processes. I'm still not convinced VSTS provides any value beyond our current tools and process, but it'll help somebody. Either way, I think VSTS is a valuable addition to the .Net world. If nothing else, it's helped introduce lifecycle practices to shops that have none and started some healthy conversations.

I wrote this several months ago, and nothing I saw last night substantially changes my opinion.


Without further rambling, cue the "wah, wahhh, wahhhhhh" theme music and let the cliche begin...

The Good

  • I think VSTS could be great for project tracking. Being able to intelligently log checkins to a user story or a bug fix with the time spent on the task could be a great boon to project management. The Heisenberg Principle always applies to this kind of tracking. If I, the developer, have to go out of my way, my velocity is going to be slower. VSTS might change the cost/benefit equation somewhat. A lot of any Agile process is the ability to accurately forecast user stories during iteration planning. Using a good "yesterday's weather" report from past iterations could certainly help. We're still going to take a look at Trac though as an alternative.
  • The code coverage visualization is awesome. It's not clear yet, but it might be possible to create test coverage reports from other tools outside of VSTS (NUnit, NFit, etc.)
  • It is an integrated suite of tools that will be supported by MS. I personally don't buy the argument that assembling a stack of NUnit/NAnt/CC.NET/NDoc/Subversion is really that hard, but I've been immersed in the agile world for awhile and I'm comfortable doing that (I've also worked with some of the NUnit and CC.NET folks too, so I'm not really impartial). For a shop with no experience in these tools or with a hostile policy towards open source, I can see the value of buying the whole stack in one place.

The Bad
  • Call me close-minded, but I wouldn't touch MSF with a ten foot pole and a firewall in between. The process templates are editable, but it doesn't sound like there is a GUI yet for doing the editing. I'll be interested to see if anybody (with much more patience and ambition than me) tries to make an XP or Scrum template.
  • At this point it doesn't look like you can use any other source control system than what comes with VSTS. As much a pain as it has been trying to move from VSS to Subversion, I'm not very excited about another migration. The source control is clearly better than VSS (how could it not be), but I didn't see any particular value over Subversion today.
  • VSTS does not support Continuous Integration, only scheduled builds. You'll need to continue using CruiseControl.Net. I fully expect the CC.NET guys to have a plugin for VSTS and/or MSBuild for CC.NET by the end of the year.
  • The web testing looks weak to me. I still think we're looking towards either Selenium or Watir.

The Ugly
  • From the initial impression, the MSF for Agile process looks like a heavyweight process. It is clearly meant as an iterative process. While that's certainly an improvement on the older MSF, iterative alone doesn't automatically translate to being agile.
  • VSTS is clearly aimed at very large companies using laborious, high ceremony processes--everything that my employer is not. I think process automation is a great thing, but if your process is so complex that nobody can know the whole, I think you've got some serious issues.
  • Pricing. When alternative tools are available and generally free, I have a hard time justifying the cost.
  • The one piece of the presentation where I thought Menegay was completely off his rocker was the idea that VSTS became a directed workflow tool to tell everybody (expecially developers) exactly what they should be doing. As a tracking tool for project record keeping, I think VSTS is great. Using something like VSTS as your primary communication channel is absurd. Turning developers into mindless zombies doing exactly what the VSTS workflow tells them to do sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Not to mention a steep drop off in developer retention.


Anonymous Jeffrey Palermo said...

I think I agree with you. I don't have all the time in the world, so I haven't even played with the Team System features (and I have Team Suite installed!). I've been hitting Whidbey hard, thought, and there are enough features in VS Standard to satisfy me. My development shop uses Subversion, NUnit, CC.Net, and Jira for bug tracking. We use Nant for automated builds and automated deployments to different environments, and we keep close communication with our product manager and testers. We don't waste our time with documentation since things change so rapidly. Right now I'm not seeing what Team System has to offer, but CIOs out there will buy the sales pitch and mandate it for their organization and a way to "track their people". Ugh. I would love for it to become an indespensable tool, but I tend to be a late adopter on some things.

9:25 AM, July 13, 2005  
Blogger Jeremy D. Miller said...

I really like Jira myself. We're thinking about using it for bug tracking here. I used it at my previous employer for both user story and bug tracking.

9:34 AM, July 13, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw in a blog today that Conchango is working with Ken Schwaber to create Scrum process guidance for Team System.

4:38 AM, July 14, 2005  
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